Hidden - unhidden, I'm going to the castle!

Did you know that there used to be a castle in the center of the Stropkov town? The only building that reminds residents and visitors of this historic building is the local manor house. Follow with us the footsteps of Stropkov Castle and get to know its unmistakable surroundings, thanks to which you will immerse yourself not only in the depths of history.

The animal kingdom in the center of the town

Since time immemorial, man has been associated with animals. Our ancestors lived with them in love, belonging, and harmony, and many times their lives depended on them. The ZOO park in the center of Stropkov also allows you to get to know this inseparable bond, where you will see more than 30 species of animals from birds, reptiles, rodents to primates.

Price: adults - 1.50 €, children from 3 years - 1 €.

Horseback riding

The horse is considered the most faithful companion of humans. People used to use horses for their main mode of transportation or as good helpers while working on fields and in forests. The bond between this animal and the human world is strong. It is manifested in devotion, care, and love. If you want to look into this "universe", be sure to try horseback riding in the village of Vladiča, part of Suchá.

You can book the ride at https://tajomnekarpaty.com/.

Walk to the lookout tower

We all know the importance of movement in our lives. It is not for nothing that there is a saying "healthy spirit in a healthy body!" Therefore, we should spend at least a moment in the fresh air every day. You can take a not very difficult walk to the lookout tower above the town of Stropkov, from which you will have this corner of the country in the palm of your hand. You combine the nice with the useful. The new attraction is part of the cycle route "In the footsteps of Austria-Hungary ". The best starting point is the location above Bankovská street. The whole route back and forth takes about two hours.

The lookout tower is available to anyone free of charge.

A wooden temple tour in the village of Potoky

Every wooden temple is unique. They were built by our ancestors with bare hands, without the use of heavy equipment. The church in the village of Potoky is almost 250 years old. The temple is characterized by a high main tower and its interesting fact is that it has only four windows. The Altar dates from the 18th century, as well as a rare iconostasis. In front of the church, there is a wooden bell tower with a bell from 1839. The area of the church is surrounded by a low stone wall.

The tour of the temple takes about 30 minutes. It is necessary to book it in advance on the number +421 908 637 550.

Shout it out loud in the Valley of echoes

Does it also happen to you that sometimes you feel like shouting out loud all over the world, but you know that it would be difficult for your neighbors to bear it? In the Valley of Echoes in the village of Vladiča, you can do so without getting any condemning glances. At the very least, you'll find out how communication once worked between our ancestors without the need to pay invoices.

The route to the Valley of Echoes begins at the Tourist Information Center in the village of Vyšná Vladiča. Follow the local blue sign.

Tour of the village museum and Malé vodopády waterfalls

The Village Museum in Driečna will take you from the cradle to the grave. You can walk around the kitchen, office, and church in one place. It ispossible to see there the historic firefighting equipment and military equipment. Near the museum, you can go to the Malé vodopády waterfalls, the surroundings of which will confirm that you are really in paradise. The duration of the trip - there and back - is about an hour.

MIn the season from 1 April to 30 October, the museum is open from Friday to Sunday from 15:00 to 16:00. If you are interested in visiting outside the opening hours, call the number +421 915 213 757.

Did you know that the largest cemetery in Slovakia from the period of the First World War is located in the village of Veľkrop? Almost 9,000 victims are "the seal"of unsightly history, which cannot be forgotten. An educational trail from a Greek Catholic church leads to the war cemetery, which is dominated by a central monument with crosses.
The route, which is approximately two kilometers long, is lined with boards, on which you will find information about the course of the war in this area of northeastern Slovakia. The estimated duration of the tour is over an hour.

The nature trail and the cemetery are freely accessible.

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