Experience an adventure in Poloniny

You could try to see the area of Upper Zemplín and Upper Šariš just in one day, but that would be impossible. That is the reason why we have prepared a 6-day travel itinerary for you. Thanks to this guide you will get to know the unspoiled nature, a heritage of our fathers, and cultural gems in the Snina district.

The first day: Experience the primeval forest first hand

You don't have to travel far away to experience the beauty of the unique primeval forests. Unspoiled nature and more than 240-year-old beeches can be found in the near east of Slovakia in the Vihorlat Forest. Primeval Beech Forest in Vihorlat has been declared UNESCO World Natural Heritage in 2007. It was added to the list together with such world-famous locations as Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, and Kilimanjaro.

Vihorlatite is a unique mineral species found in the region of volcanic Vihorlat Mountains that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Starting point: the village of Zemplínske Hámre

Undemanding hike: Sninský kameň hill (duration approx. 4 hours; distance: 8.3 kilometers; elevation gain: 596 m), separate exposition of mining by the quarry - tunnel and narrow gauge, relaxation in the Barnova rika area - outdoor swimming pool, sports grounds.

Demanding hike: Vihorlat - all day moderately strenuous ascent (duration approx. 7.5 hours; elevation gain: 955 m).

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The second day: Get to know traditional crafts and sweat a little

From the town of Snina, which is the imaginary entrance gate of the Národný park Poloniny national park, you continue further east. From the village of Stakčín continue your trip to the village of Ulič. On the way, you will stop at the Beskydy Pantheon and find out what famous personalities this region remembers (Jalová crossroad). from the lookout tower, you can see the Starina reservoir. Continue your journey to the village of Topoľa, where together with the civic association Košiar - it is possible to prepare dough for homemade bread. Until it sours, you can get interesting information about rye growing or pottery. You can also try how to work on the pottery wheel (need to book at least one day in advance: +421 904 841 460). In the village of Topoľa there is a wooden church of St. Michael the Archangel, in which you will also find an exposition dedicated to an important Ruthenian awakener and native of Topoľa - Alexander Duchnovič (need to order at least one day in advance: +421 904 738 354). The new adventure is night tours of the temple.

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The third day: In the highest village of Upper Zemplín

You are in a magical region; we are sure you understand it by now. The village of Runina is a popular place for tourists, as it is a starting point for several interesting routes. They will take you to legendary places, to the forests, and to the views that will take your breath away. Don't forget to stop at the waterfall Runinský vodopád, into which water flows from pilgrimage site Tri studničky. You can also relax at the monolith with a pond, which is located at the entrance of the village. The area around the village is rich in various types of mushrooms. The delicacy is a ram's head mushroom. There is also a military cemetery and a relaxation area with a small water reservoir, where you can prepare something to eat. Thanks to the panoramic map at the end of the village, you will learn the local names of the hills - the most interesting is certainly the hill Saganovec.

Undemanding hike: Runina - Tri studničky (route length 2.1 km, elevation 156 m).

Demanding hike (one of the options): Runina - Pľaša - Ďurkovec - Riaba skala hill (route length 18 km, climb 1066 m).

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The fourth day: Poloniny on the palm of your hand

When you continue to the very beginning of Slovakia, stay for a while in the village of Ulič to see a gallery of miniatures. This is a place where the route of the interesting educational trail begins. This trail is dedicated to the regional personality and founder of the Institute of Nature Conservation at the National Museum in Prague, Miroslav Poliščuk. On the route, you will also find the Holica lookout tower (route length 10 km, elevation 280 m, duration approx. 4 hours).

For the less demanding people, there is an educational trail to the Mergencov kameň hill, the beginning of which is near the bus stop opposite the local primary school. Following this route, you will reach the Marmara diamonds or the Uličská Ostrá nature reserve (duration approx. 1 hour, elevation gain 80 m). Enthusiasts of war history can head towards the Ukrainian state border and look for the Arpad line. After a hard day, you can also refresh yourself with the water from the spring Kvašná voda in the village of Zboj.

The fifth day: At the very beginning of Slovakia

You have reached the easternmost village in Slovakia. The village of Nová Sedlica is a place that will be difficult for you to leave. Even the grandmother and the grandfather who welcome you at the entrance will not move a step from there. In the center of the village, you will find a miniature of the original wooden church, which is currently located in the open-air museum in Humenné town. The house of the grandfather Večerníček is waiting for its new beginning. You can get valuable information in the information center of the Národný park Poloniny national park administration. At this place begins the tourist route to the border point of three states named Kremenec - one of the most popular places in the park. The route runs through the Stužica forest (route length approx. 20 km, elevation 1155 m, duration approx. 6 to 7 hours). We also recommend going to our Polish neighbors to visit the hill Wielka Rawka.

For less demanding tourists, there is the possibility of relaxation in the locality of Poľana, where you will find a pond and a refreshing Zbojský potok brook. When the night comes, it is the best time to visit Poloniny Dark-Sky Park which was created to educate on the issue of protection of the environment against light pollution. The Milky Way is perfectly visible.

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The sixth day: the bison Matúš likes apples

On the way back you can also visit the natural swimming pool in the recreational area Sninské rybníky ponds. In warm weather, you can stay there all day. This new naturally relaxing place uses the technology of self-purification of water using plants and algae and is one of the first of its kind in Slovakia. It would be a great pity if you would not visit the bison Matúš which lives in the animotherapeutic and equestrian center in Snina town. It is a place where you can get to know domestic and wild animals such as llamas, greater rhea, or roe deer. The icing on the cake would be if you would stop in the Crypt of soldiers from the First World War in the village of Osadné. The first president of Czechoslovakia T. G. Masaryk approved the request to build the crypt and he supported it financially.

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