Water sports on the Domaša reservoir

Domaša is great for water sports. Good weather conditions attract especially lovers of yachting and windsurfing. Kitesurfers are also appearing more and more often. In addition to visitors to Domaša, who come there with their equipment to enjoy the sports experience, local operators also provide sports equipment rental.

Paddleboards are already common equipment of all recreational facilities, you can rent them in camps in Monika and Tíšava and hotels Garden, Zelená Lagúna, and Zátoka. It is not necessary to book the equipment in advance. Boat or kayak rentals are also available. You can find them in camps in Monika, Tíšava or Valkov, but also the Garden Hotel. Stable services also include the rental of pedal boats of various designs. Even this sports equipment does not need to be booked in advance. It is available on all beaches. Safety rules must be observed when using them. 

There is a possibility of renting a motorboat with a low-power engine for which you do not need a license to drive in camps in Tíšava and Monika. This service must be arranged in advance with the beach operator or boat owner. For more information, visit the websites of each campsite. If you want to drive on a stronger motorboat, the ride depends on its owner. These boats are usually privately owned by individuals. Contacts can be found at sports equipment rentals or beach operators. There is also a rental of a jet ski in the camp in Tíšava, but only for holders of a jet ski license. There are also several yacht clubs in Domaša, which are focused on windsurfing. 

The most active in this field is the Surf club Domaša.You can find contact information on the website www.surfclub.sk. Visitors show great interest in sailing on a yacht or motorboat with a captain. It is necessary to book it in advance on one of these numbers - +421 905 623 630 or +421 905 932 651.

The maximum number of people that the boat can carry safely is 8 individuals plus one captain. The time and route of the cruise adapts to the requirements of the guests and lasts one to several hours. The rental price starts at 60 euros per hour. An interesting opportunity is to participate in real yachting races as a member of the crew. This sporting experience cannot be booked in advance, joining the competition is a matter of personal communication with the captain of the yacht. 

Recreational sports also include rafting the meanders of the river Ondava. Alcea canoe rental company can provide a canoe experience. The company will provide boats, their transport, and the necessary rafting equipment. You can find more information at www.alcea.sk

The specialty of the summer season is surfing on the waves behind a motorboat that flies on the surface of the water, the so-called wake surfing. The rental for this sport is located by the Zelená Lagúna hotel. You can rent a special motorboat here, which can create such a wave.

Domaša is a place where you can experience the hunting of catfish or carp. Fishermen have their favorite places. The most famous location is the camp near the village of Nová Kelča. For sport fishermen, Domaša is a dream come true.