The ship Bohemia

In May 2019, the ship Bohemia set out on a 2,800 km cruise from Prague to the Veľká Domaša reservoir. The ship passed 7 European countries, hundreds of towns, and villages. At the beginning of June, the ship docked at the dock in the village of Viničky near Ladmovce and waited for the next journey, but this time by land. The event, the aim of which was to transport the ship to the reservoir Domaša, had the code name "Ball Lightning". Its route (by land) was 90 km long and it took 3 days. As the ship passed through various villages and towns, hundreds of fans greeted it everywhere.

And so, after 26 years, the cruise ship is at home again - on the Domaša reservoir. It was also solemnly blessed by Mons. Bernard Bober - Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Košice. In less than two months in 2019, it carried approximately 21,000 tourists. The cruise lasts about 80 minutes and is connected with the educational recording "History of the water work in the context of the time". During the adventure, you can see the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is the only monument to the flooded village of Trepec, and also the Church of St. Stephen King - it was part of the evicted village of Kelča. This church is unique. You can also refresh yourself during the cruise in the ship bar, which is available to all passengers. The marina and ticket service are located behind the Garden Hotel and the car park.

The documentary "The Return of the Ship to Domaša" was premiered. It captures its entire long journey from Prague to Veľká Domaša.

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