Discover Upper Zemplín from the water surface

River rafting in Upper Zemplín is becoming more and more popular. Ondava, Laborec, Cirocha or Topľa river. Individual or organized rafting. One-day and multi-day trips. For beginners as well as advanced. Even those that continue beyond the borders of Slovakia. Discover the beauty of nature and the local countryside directly from a canoe. With a little luck, you will also have the opportunity to meet wild animals.

However, it must not be forgotten that water is an unfettered element. And you need to be careful - whether you are an experienced paddler or a beginner. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact experts in case of need.

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River rafting on Ondava is available in these sections :

Sedliská, the bridge under the castle - Hencovce, yellow bridge

The length of this raft is 1.5 - 2 hours. It is the most suitable route for complete beginners - without great obstacles, so you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the canoe and the river.

The dam of the water reservoir Veľká Domaša - Hencovce, yellow bridge

This raft begins behind the Domaša hydroelectric power plant and continues to the buffer reservoir between the villages of Malá Domaša and Slovenská Kajňa. After this part of the raft, it is necessary to transfer the vessel across the dam. During the cruise you can disembark on a deserted island, bathe or grill. The route offers varied scenery and views, including Čičva castle ruins tour. The raft, the duration of which is estimated at 5-6 hours, ends in the village of Hencovce.

Sedliská, Slovenská Kajňa, Sedliská dam, bridge

ĎAnother option is to start the Ondava river rafting in the village of Slovenská Kajňa "under the bridge" and continue to the village of Benkovce. Along the way, you can see the so-called "washed up banks", behind which rafters usually make their first stop. They can bathe there and gather strength. Another "rest area" can be a gazebo behind the village of Ondavské Matiašovce in the "Inoc" forest. It is also a beautiful barbecue and picnic area. The last stop is the bridge in Sedliská. You can combine a 9-kilometer-long rafting adventure lasting 2-3 hours with a tour of the Čičva castle ruins.

Stropkov direction Bokša - Hencovce, yellow bridge

If you want to spend a weekend on the water, we recommend this route - you can start, for example on Friday afternoon in Stropkov. However, it is necessary to take tents, sleeping bags, water and food with you. Depending on the water level, you can also start rafting under the bridge in the direction of the Nižná Olšava village or under the bridge near the Lomné village. Depending on the starting point, you can spend the night in a suitable place on the banks of the Ondava river or near Turany nad Ondavou in a former campsite. On Saturday, we recommend a tour of the Domaša resorts. You can also stop at the churches in Nová Kelča or Trepec. It is possible to park the boat in the resort of Poľany - Monika, from where on Sunday morning you will set off along the left bank to the dam, through which you will transfer the vessel and you can continue to the Malá Domaša buffer tank. There you will transfer it again and continue along the river Ondava to the village of Hencovce. You can stop under Čičva castle and have a snack at a nearby restaurant.

You can enjoy a similar weekend stay on the river Topľa::

Giraltovce - Božčice bridge (district Trebišov)

You will start the raft in the village of Giraltovce, from where you will continue at a leisurely pace along the river, where the rapids alternate with oily sections. This continues to the left tributary near the village of Tarbaj. The next day you will reach Hanušovce nad Topľou after half an hour of rafting. Behind the bridge between the villages of Soľ and Jastrabie you can look around for a suitable camping place. On the third day, you will arrive in the town of Vranov nad Topľou. There are nice rapids on the river. Behind the bridge between the villages of Sačurov and Dlhý Klčov, the river will slow down. You can expect the jetty near the village of the Božčice, where you can end the cruise.

It is also possible to sail Cirocha, along its entire course from the Starina dam to the town of Humenné, depending on the height of the river. However, this adventure requires a skilled paddler.

Starina - Snina, estuary to river Laborec

The length of this raft is 38 km and is intended only for experienced paddlers. In the section from the reservoir to the bridge to Sninské rybníky ponds, there are 5 weirs. In Snina, the last sixth dangerous weir awaits you. You can see the water level meter on the left bank just above the bridge near the hospital. Cirocha takes the right-hand tributary of Pčolinka and then there are no permanent obstacles until its confluence with the river of Laborec.

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Snina - Humenné

This section is navigable in 4 - 7 hours. You should start it behind the Tesco store in the town of Snina. It is fast rafting with lots of rapids, sharp turns, and technical crossings between natural obstacles.

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