Šimonka National Nature Reserve

One of the most visited towns in the Slanské vrchy is their highest peak - Šimonka (1092 m above sea level). You can enjoy beautiful views from here in summer as well as in winter. Its top part is occupied by the eponymous national nature reserve. The aim of the protection is, among other things, to preserve the andesite peak with boulder rubble and forest-like parts of the forest cover. A legally protected alpine flamingo can be observed there. 

At the very top, where the cross is installed, there are nice views of the High and Low Tatras, Kráľova hoľa and the surrounding hills such as Makovice with a transmitter or Oblík. In the case of good atmospheric conditions, the main ridge of our mountains can be seen from the top. It is more than 90 kilometers away from Šimonka by airline. 

The Šimonka hill can be reached from several places: from Zámutov, Hermanoviec nad Topľou, Hlinný, Rudlov (all Vranov district) and Zlatá Bane (Prešov district). In Slanské vrchy you will find 96 marked hiking trails with a total length of 529 km and 29 ski trails with a length of 102 km. There are also 19 marked bike paths with a length of 181 km.

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