Zámutovské rocks are showing off

Author of text and images in the photo gallery: Igor Kňazovický
Author of text and images in the photo gallery: Igor Kňazovický
When the country covers a white duvet in winter, it will please especially the youngest.Sledding or a trip to the snowy forest will definitely make these cold days more pleasant. With decreasing degrees on the thermometer, nature can create famous phenomena that are waiting not only for sight, but also for touch. This is how Zámutovské skaly in Slanské vrchy can show off. That's why I went for a walk in the woods to see this winter beauty.

Zámutovské rocks are located about four kilometers from the village Zámutov. They are formed by a massif of andesite formations on the northeast side of Slanské vrchy. In 1980, they were declared a nature reserve, with an area of approximately 30.67 ha. They are located in two localities - in the eastern part they are on Čierne skaly (590 - 725 m above sea level), on the western side of Čulkov (650 - 825 m above sea level). Two natural formations are separated by a valley, which is led by a forest road, a hiking and cycling path (023 - MTB Alžbeta).
The route to the rocks leads from the Kondor pension following the blue sign. It was sunny around noon, and the sight of the snow-covered forest pleased the eye. The first kilometer went well, the road was shoveled to the turnoff to the village of Rudlov. Here, the blue sign became independent and led along a forest road, which is also used by lovers of cross-country sports. The forest was quiet, full of winter atmosphere. The white blanket reached a height of 30 to 50 centimeters. The snow was frozen, trampling took away a lot of my strength.

After about an hour of marching, I reached my destination. I saw a rock wall from the sidewalk through the sparse forest. I waded through the untouched snow. I unpacked the camera and was looking for something interesting. After a while I found a part with amazing ice decoration. I admired the beauty of nature for a while and then set out on my way back. I walked to the car along the same route - in my own footsteps.

The weather changed quickly, the sky was covered with heavy clouds and it started to snow. The frost was getting under the clothes and fatigue also began to manifest. However, the road to the car passed quickly. I started it to warm up as soon as possible. I'm already looking forward to the photo catch from the trip.