Zlatník Sightseeing Tower

The Zlatník Lookout Tower in the cadastre of the village of Zlatník in the Vranov District, which was built at the end of 2018, offers the possibility of nice views. The steel structure is almost 22 meters high and has two viewing platforms at a height of 11 and 18.7 meters. It is open to the public without restrictions, so tourists have the opportunity to enjoy their journey through the Slanské hills. Dozens of hiking, skiing and cycling trails can be found in them. 

From the highest peak of the Slanské Mountains - Šimonky, you can see the main ridge of the High Tatras under good atmospheric conditions, which is more than 90 kilometers as the crow flies. Simonka is 1092 meters above sea level. From this level you can enjoy views of the panorama of the East Slovak landscape and the surrounding hills such as Makovice with a transmitter or Oblík hill. The ascent to it is possible by several marked tourist routes, from the Prešov or Vranov side throughout the year. Educational trails in Slanské vrchy offer the opportunity to get to know nature and history. Mention should be made of Herlica, Zámutovská reil or Tajch.