Kyčera Lookout Tower near Medzilaborce

The Kyčera Lookout Tower is a newly built building from which you can observe the wide surroundings of the town of Medzilaborce. It stands on a hill (528 m above sea level), after which it is named. It is almost 10 meters high, has three floors and is made of wood. It can be reached from Medzilaborce, from the streets of Kapitán Nálepka and Komenský (duration approx. 1 hour) and from the villages of Vydraň and Ňagov (duration approx. 1.5 hours). This is a relatively new attraction in the region, which was built in 2019. The initiator of the whole construction is the Regional Development Association LABOREC, c.a. Currently, the completion of the tower with rest areas and a panoramic map is being prepared.

The tower is located in the Protected Landscape Area of the Eastern Carpathians. Therefore, it is important to comply with the rules associated with the Nature and Landscape Protection Act. It is not necessary e.g. forget that entering and standing with a motor vehicle outside the built-up area is forbidden, as well as starting a fire, etc. Every time we go out into nature, it is necessary to keep in mind that she will survive without us, but we will not survive without her, and that is why we must treat her with respect.

Author of photographs: Želmíra Džupinová Sekelová