Vladiča with many tourist routes

The border village of Vladiča in the Stropkov district, which was formed by merging five municipalities (Malá and Veľká Driečna, Nižná and Vyšná Vladiča, Suchá) is enjoying increasing interest from tourists due to the surrounding nature and peaceful environment. It is located in the arms of the hills, which hide beautiful nooks.

In the local part of Driečna, there is the beginning of an international cycling route that leads to Pulawy, Poland. It is 203 kilometers long (53 km - Slovakia, 150 km - Poland). There you can also see the village museum, which will take you from the cradle to the grave. Thanks to the saved part of the interior of the 200-year-old church of St. You will find Vasily the Great in one place in the church or office of the previous regime. You can also admire the historic firefighting equipment or war equipment.

About half an hour from the museum there is the Vladičský waterfall, where you will feel like in paradise when there will be enough moisture. From Driečna you can also get to the Pastovňa mountain (678 m above sea level). If you want to experience the mysterious Karpaty on your own, go to the Suchá area. For many years, they have been lovingly caring for the Huculs that will take you through this beautiful landscape. The ride must be booked in advance at this link.

In this village, specifically in the part of Vyšná Vladiča, there is also a tourist information center, which is not open non-stop, but will provide you with valuable information in addition to accommodation. In the local gazebo you can relax and prepare something to eat. In the summer months, you can refresh yourself in the Hučok reservoir with a depth of two meters and a length of about 30 meters.

From Vladič you can walk to Čeremcha, Poland, along the old trade route. The route is divided into three parts. The first leads from Vadič to Mostkov, from where there are wonderful views of the surroundings. The second part continues to Sedlo pod Beskydom, where it turns to Čeremcha. The route is about 12 kilometers long and lasts over three hours. You can find more information at this link.

In 2020, when the village commemorated 680 years since the first written mention, they restored Nistor's well in Nižná Vladič, which serves locals and travelers for refreshments. It is where you will learn about Vladičský raj, which represents more than 100 kilometers of hiking, biking and horse riding trails around this picturesque village. You can read more at this link.