View of Grófňa na Domaši

Today's tip for a trip is intended for a little more demanding tourists. It is a circuit in the recreational area Dobrá - Grófňa - Tíšava - Trepec - Dobrá. It is characterized by a relatively large elevation, even with its length. According to the map, during the walk we will ascend from the base 171 m above sea level. up to 375 m above sea level. On the way we have two views of the surrounding countryside. The second half of the road is along the shore of Domaša. The walk is 13 km long and can be managed at a moderate pace in about 4 hours. Not suitable for families with small children. The start is in the parking lot at the end of Dobrianska Bay. Our road leads along the red tourist sign, along the main road towards Detrík and Hanušovce nad Topľou. This part leads along an asphalt road, so it is not lively. From the beginning, it offers a view of the locality with the occurrence of a beaver.

After about three kilometers, the sidewalk turns into the woods to the area used for concentrating wood. From there, the hiking trail leads through the valley along the forest trail. The marking of the sidewalk is of an older date and the colors are already faded, so in some parts it is difficult to judge whether we are walking correctly on the hiking trail. However, the forest road will lead us safely in the right direction. It is this section that is typical of steep climbs and will test the stamina of tourists. After about 40 minutes of ascent, the path reaches the end of the forest. Here we have a view to the south of the Ondavská vrchovina massif, which is overgrown with a healthy beech forest. 

We continue further and after a few meters we reach the mountain meadow of the ridge. Less than 300 to 400 meters from the forest is the highest point of the hike - the view of the Grófňa. From there we can observe the northeast side of Domaša with part of the water area. Interestingly, this site was used as arable land in the past. Today, the area is overgrown with dense adult forest. From Grófňa, we continue along the yellow sign, which takes us back to the forest. The descent is short and also quite steep. After 20 minutes we reach the cottages of the recreation area Tíšava. Refreshments are available here, as well as the possibility of a short refreshment in the camp on the beach. After a rest, we take the path marked by the signpost to Trepec. The route leads in the dark of trees a few meters from the shore of the reservoir. It is a paved forest road used mainly by cyclists. 

After about 3 km we come to the church, which is located in the woods. It is a remnant of a flooded village that fell victim to the construction of a dam. However, the church dedicated to the Divine Heart of Jesus has been preserved and has become a place of pilgrimage, to which former inhabitants of the flooded village, their descendants or tourists come several times a year. At the time of the feast, it can also be reached by boat, on which they will take you across the cross at Veľká Domaša. From the church, the road leads us further through the forest. 

Along the way, already above the Dobrá cottage area, we will be surprised by a new brick wall in the forest, which encloses the land between the trees. It is about 2 meters high and obscures the view of the historic Jewish cemetery of the flooded village of Dobrá. The cemetery is inaccessible, the metal doors are firmly locked. We can only see the tombstones above the high wall. From there, the beach in Dobrianska Bay is only a short walk away. We leave the forest above the cottages and the Garden Hotel. This is where our journey ends. We have a final drink on the terrace and summarize the experiences. The trip was successful.