Tri studničky above the village Runina

Above the village Runina in the Snina district there is a pilgrimage site Tri studničky. In 1927, the Virgin Mary appeared to the little nine-year-old boy Juraj Regul while grazing cows. However, no one wanted to trust him except the Greek Catholic teacher Popovič. He, together with his students, began to maintain the path to the Tri studničky. 

The water in them should have healing effects. Until the beginning of the Second World War, people from the surrounding villages used to gather it. However, the miraculous place was forgotten for many years. The Orthodox priest Mikuláš Rusič restored its fame in 1991. First, wooden, later stone structures were built there. A chapel was built in the complex in 2012, and a bell tower a little later. Every year, dozens of believers from the village and the surrounding area meet at this place. 

You can get to the Tri studničky site from the village of Runina - from the panoramic map along the green tourist path that leads to Sedlo pod Ďurkovcom. In the locality of Pšeničišče, it is necessary to turn off it and continue along the yellow hiking trail. The length of the route with an elevation gain of approximately 156 meters is 2.1 kilometers, and there and back you can cross it at a brisk pace in an hour.

Did you know that the water from the Tri studničky flows into the flysch waterfall at the beginning of the village?

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