The walk to Čičva Castle also leads through Veľký Inovec

The hike to Veľký Inovec (341 m above sea level) with the final goal at Čičva Castle is an 11 km long walk with a slight elevation, which will bring you to other thoughts and clear your head. The route leading from the village of Benkovce offers attractive and undemanding tourism. It leads mostly through forest and one field path. The hike can be enjoyed at any time of the year. 

At the traditional organized hikes, tourists start in front of the Benkovce municipal office, from where they set off behind the orchards / lands of the locals along the green tourist sign under the forest to the so-called "Majer". Another option is to skip the general crossing and park the car at the playground, which is located on the outskirts of the village towards Vranov nad Topľou. From there, tourists set out on a gentle climb along a field path under the forest along a green hiking trail to the mentioned "Majer". 

In the corner where the field path ends, tourists enter the forest, from where they continue along the forest path around the log cabin with a slight hike to Malý Inovec. There they tend to have a second stop. From there, the green tourist route continues along a forest path around the built gazebo, not too stillelevating to Veľký Inovec, from where it continues along the ridge with a slight descent to the Čičva castle. It stands on a wooded promontory above the village of Sedliská. From the castle there is a beautiful view of the surroundings in every season (see photo). 

Tourists can choose which route they will take back to the village of Benkovce. They can use the one they came across through Veľký Inovec, or use the shortened route directly to Malý Inovec and then they can continue along the green tourist sign to Benkovce. If you want, you can end the tour at the castle and walk along the hiking path (about 20 minutes walk) around the family tomb of the Barkóczy family to the church below the castle, where there is a parking lot and a bus stop nearby.

Route marker: green

Tour duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes with three breaks (Majer, Malý Inovec, Veľký Inovec)

The last organized trip took place along the mentioned route at the beginning of this year (January 4). It was already the 29th year of a traditional event organized by the village of Benkovce. It was attended by 70 people. Among the enthusiasts were not only locals, but also tourists from the entire Vranov district, who claim that this hike is the beginning of the tourist season for them every year.