Sokolie skaly is worth a visit

An interesting tip for a trip is the view of the Sokolie skaly rock formation, which is located in the Giant Valley near Hermanovce in the Vranov district. You can get to the place on foot from the train station in Bystrom following the blue sign, which leads through the whole village to the Cross Roads. Here is a unique map of Slanské vrchy carved into a large stone. On the othersite is a small chapel and an exhibit of the cannon as a memorial to the II. world war. 

We continue along the blue sign to Major Kukorelli's Cottage. Here you can continue along the green sign and the Telekia nature path. However, we went further along the blue sign towards the Valley of the Giants. After about 400 meters, the sidewalk turns from the adjusted forest road to the right into the forest. From there, it's just a short walk to the bottom of the rocks. After a short climb between the trees, we cross the green mark again. Here, a sidewalk separates, which leads to a steep climb to Sokolie skaly. However, it is equipped with a rope railing, the ascent is so safe even when the terrain is wet. The climb is steep but short. After a while of effort, I stand panting on the ledge of the prospect, on which it is necessary to be careful. It can be slippery in humid weather. 

From the viewpoint to the north you can see the valley of the river Topľa and the villages Bystré and Hermanovce. In the distance to the east, with good visibility, it is possible to observe the Vihorlat massif, 50 km away. On the left rises the Oblík cone with a height of 925 metres over the sea level, in the west the whole valley of the giant and the hill Šimonka (1092 metres over the sea level). Sokolie rocks are a part of Hermanské rocks. The rock massif is of volcanic origin and weathering created interesting stone formations on the top and a sharp ridge. Rare species of birds of prey nest in this locality, from which its name is derived. From the northern side, the formation can be bypassed along the old forest path to the second grouping of rocks. In contrast to the valley at a distance of about 100 m as the crow flies, the second rock formation Havrania skala rises from the stand. During the transition between the two rocky places, we discovered beautiful specimens of beech coral and also nice and healthy beds. 

We were returning along the green sign of the Telekia nature path. On the way we stopped at a strange cavity in the rock, which they call the Giant's Foot. We also saw Rajzovaná rock, a solitary boulder about 3 meters high, on which there are carved letters more than 200 years ago. We did not bypass the mythical circle formed by large stones, which in the past was probably used for ritual purposes. We also admired a huge specimen of an anthill with a circumference of more than 6 meters and a height exceeding 1.5 meters. 

The final section of the journey took us to the parking lot at Major Kukorelli's Cottage. As the weather was pleasant, we met several groups of tourists who were heading to the forest or returning to Hermanovce. 

The valley of the giants, the bed of the Starý potok, as well as the rock formations were declared a nature reserve in 1980 under the common name Hermanovské skaly. The whole location is attractive not only for hikers but also cyclists. There is a relaxation gazebo with a fireplace, where you can relax at any time. The valley of the giants can be included among the top localities of the Slanské vrchy. 

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