Sninský kameň hill
(1006 m above sea level)

Sninský kameň (1006 m above sea level) is one of the most visited places in the Vihorlat mountain range. It represents a distinctive rock ridge with two top platforms, which are accessible to the public thanks to iron ladders. Its visitors know that in good weather they can enjoy beautiful views of the town of Snina, the main ridge of Vihorlat, but also Lake Morské oko or the border ridge of Popričný vrch and the East Slovak lowland. With a little luck, which is related to exceptionally optimal conditions, they will also see the Tatras.

Sninský kameň can be reached from several places, e.g. from Snina, Zemplínské or Remetské Hámre. The route from Zemplínske Hámre is for undemanding tourists. It is a little over 8 kilometers long with an elevation gain of about 596 meters and can be crossed in about 4 hours. On the plus side, you can see several stops of the Hámor Nature Trail during it. An explanation of it is provided by the local TIC (Tourist information center), which is located near the quarry. More information about information centers in the area, as well as contacts can be found at this link.

If you would like to take a guide with you to Sninský kameň, who will tell you about the attractions of this locality, do not hesitate to contact the non-profit organization Aevis, which provides such services. You can call +421 910 480 350 or write an e-mail to