Waterfall Runinský vodopád

At the entrance to the highest village in the Poloniny National Park in the Snina district, tourists can observe the Runin Flysch Waterfall, which is located near the Jewish cemetery. It is about five meters high. It is interesting in that it is the only one of its kind in this area and water flows into it from a pilgrimage site above the village of Tri studničky. You can find it according to the local directional sign, which is located near the wooden gazebo, there is also an iron ramp.

Runina is a popular place for tourists, as it is a starting point for several interesting routes. We will mention e.g. ascent to Ďurkovec and Riaba rock. The surroundings of the village are rich in various types of mushrooms in the season. The delicacy is definitely a umbrella polypore. There is also a military cemetery and a relaxation area with a small water reservoir, where you can prepare something to eat. Thanks to the panoramic map at the end of the village, you will learn the local names of the hills, among the most interesting are certainly Saganovec. You can also stop at the monolith with a pond.