Kalinov with a lookout tower
and military equipment

Kalinov in the Medzilaborce district is the first liberated village in the territory of former Czechoslovakia in World War II (September 21, 1944). The cruel fighting, which also claimed victims from the civilian population, is reminiscent of several artifacts in the area.

The most prominent of them is the Liberator's Memorial, which is located in the center of the village. It was built in 1967. The author of the sculpture made of white Romanian marble is the academic sculptor Frano Gibala. In 2020, its comprehensive reconstruction took place. Every year, the public remembers these difficult times. They are also remembered for military equipment distributed throughout the village. 

The inhabitants of Kalinov also experienced the horrors of the First World War, as evidenced by the war cemetery from this period. More than 250 fallen soldiers who fought on both sides of the front are buried on it. 

Visitors of Kalinov should definitely not miss the possibility of tourism, which occurs towards the lookout tower on the hill Paseky (844 m above sea level). It is a lookout tower from the World War II, from which the Germans watched Soviet troops. From the lookout tower was throught binoculars possible to see the Polish towns by the Baltic Sea. The route to the lookout tower starts at the municipal office, leads along the green tourist sign and takes about four hours there and back. About 500 meters from the lookout tower there is another monument. It is located at the place where Soviet troops first crossed the state borders of our country.