Rožok National Nature
Reserve in Poloniny

Rožok National Nature Reserve in Poloniny - The Rožok National Nature Reserve (NPR), which is located in the cadastre of the village of Uličské Krivé in the Snina District, was established approximately 55 years ago. The purpose of its establishment was the protection of forest habitats. It is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The total area of this (NRP) is approximately 67 hectares. The fifth degree of protection applies in it. Once it was not open to the public, there is currently an educational trail, which partly goes into the reservation. 

On its route you can find five stops with information boards that contain data on the natural values of the area. The sidewalk is about 4.2 kilometers long. It is necessary to count on an elevation of 281 meters. The length of the tour lasts about two hours. 

You can get to it by turning into the first alley in the village of Uličské Krivé (in the direction from Ulič), where there is a red bridge. You will also be guided by a small wooden signpost mounted on an electric pole. An asphalt road leads to the first information panel, which is in good condition, but we do not recommend driving here. You will enjoy it more by bike.