Oblík National Nature Reserve

NNR Oblík is a part of the eponymous hill (925 m above sea level), which lies in the cadastre of the village Hermanovce nad Topľou (Vranov district) and is a significant dominant feature. The entire top part of the hill belongs to the protected area and the highest degree of protection applies, with several restrictions.

From a geological point of view, it is a rarely symmetrically preserved volcanic cone. At its top, you can observe interesting rock formations. Forest communities are places of primeval forest character and the age of some trees is estimated at 250 years. You can go to Oblík from Hermanovce nad Topľou or from the village of Petrovce. The protected part of the site is also connected to an educational trail with four stops. Access to it is possible via the yellow and blue tourist sign. The newly built stone map, the realization of which is the former mayor Jozef Rozkoš, also contributes to a better orientation in Slanské vrchy hills (cadastre Hemanovce nad Topľou). You can read more about this curiosity at this link.

Did you know that Oblík also fascinated Adam Hlovík, who wrote about him in the literary addition of the Slovak National Newspaper - the Tatra Eagle? The article entitled The Road to the Oblík, in which the author mentions, among other things, interesting characters on the stones, which may be the font of the old Slavs, can be found here.