Tajch Forest Nature Trail

Not far from the village of Pavlovce at the foot of Slanské vrchy there is the Tajch Forest Nature Trail. The trail is mainly focused on forestry activities in Slanské vrchy, the fauna and flora of the locality and life in the forest. It has two circuits, the shorter one is 2.5 km long with an elevation gain of 80 m, the longer one measures 5.4 km with an elevation up to 230 m.

You can walk according to the condition of tourists and the circuit in 1 to 2.5 hours. There are 7, or 16 stops. The sidewalk is accessible all year round, but in the section to the view of Krkavča skala the terrain is slippery in winter and it is necessary to be careful. The entrance gate is located about 1.5 km behind the village. We get to it next to the swimming pool on an asphalt road by the stream. There is a gazebo in the parking lot at the entrance gate, where you can relax and recharge your batteries. Next to it, tourists from the Vranov district unveiled a memorial plaque in December 2019 to Martin Balog, a promoter of tourism in the Prešov region.

Behind the entrance gate, the sidewalk leads up a slight hill. After a short climb, the terrain is leveled and we get to the first information board and objects, such as slides for transporting wood or wooden sledges, which are to weigh wood into the village in winter. We continue through the seed orchard, in which specimens of the original tree species grow. Unique seed orchards preserve the gene pool of mountain elm, which is endangered in some European localities. After visiting Slovakia, the English Prince Charles asked for 50 elm seedlings from this nursery, so the trees from Šimonka in Slanské vrchy were planted in the castle park of the royal residence Highgrove in the west of England.

From the seed orchard we proceed along the ridge to the next stop, where we will see a miniature forest kinderkarden, a snow pit and a gazebo. I was fascinated by the unique green roof on the wooden shed. The whole is covered with a thick carpet of incredibly green moss. We continue to the crossroads, where it turns into a shortened version of the sidewalk. However, we continue on that long journey. At the statue of Maria Theresa, a steep climb to Krkavča rock begins. We descend and continue along the sidewalk.

In its final part we can see a natural monument - the notch of Stravný potok. In a short section, the stream creates a canyon-like valley with cascades and rock walls up to 15 meters high. We descend after a short day and come to the gazebo, from which we set out two hours ago. The fire is already burning in the fireplace by the gazebo, so I will bake traditional bacon and exchange experiences from today's trip at the table. We are all happily tired. Have a nice day.

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