The Herlica Forest Nature Trail

The Herlica Forest Nature Trail, located in Slanské vrchy above the village of Petrovce in the Vranov District, offers, in addition to exploring forestry and nature, also an insight into the period of the Second World War and the partisan resistance. It can also be reached by car from the village. After entering the village, it is necessary to continue on the third class road to the local hospitality, from where the asphalt road continues to the entrance gate of the nature trail, which will save you about two kilometers. The massive wooden entrance gate cannot be overlooked. 

On the trail there is a farmer, a bunker and the Herlica lookout tower, from which you can observe beautiful natural scenery. The same possibility occurs at the next stop at the lookout below Lysa. Wells, fireplaces or benches provide time for relaxation. The nature trail has a total of 15 stops with information panels that are in good condition. The length of the route is 3,400 meters, the elevation gain is 160 meters and it is moderately demanding. The time that can be changed is two to three hours, depending on the temperature and the number of rest breaks. The return to the entrance gate from the final sign leads approximately two kilometers along a forest asphalt road. 

The trip can also be supplemented by a visit to the manor house and the archeopark in Hanušovce nad Topľou, which are open during the whole week during the summer phase, from October to April they are only accessible on working days. In the manor house you can see, among other things, a historical, natural science or ethnographic exhibition. The Archeopark presents five basic periods of prehistory and the early Middle Ages. It is accessible during the winter, but you can only see dwellings there, their "inhabitants" come there again at the beginning of the summer season.