Minifarm in Snina with the bison Matúš

The animotherapeutic and equestrian center in Snina offers - not only for the little ones - space to get to know domestic and wild animals. In the center, you can see goats, sheep, calves, bunnies, chickens, but also piglets, llamas, greater rhea, roe deer, and the bison Matúš. Matúš lived in Poloniny for many years where he had a severe injury. People saved him, but the bison Matúš will never return to the wild. Remember that Matúš loves apples. If you bring him some, he will be happy to be friends with you.

It is possible to try horseback riding in the center. Experts perform hippotherapy, animotherapy and Canis therapy. You can enjoy homemade dairy and meat products there. Sometimes freshly baked bread or even pizza smells there. In the summer months, they run day camps for children, who can get to know the animal kingdom, almost in the center of the town.

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