Forest educational trail Zámutovská rail

You can find a beautiful forest educational trail in the Vranov district, specifically in the village of Zámutov. You can get to the entrance gate by bus, which will take you to the stop "Zámutov, polesie", where there is more space to park your car. From there you have to walk down to the alley of the village, at the end of which you will find the entrance gate of the Forestry Educational Trail Zámutovská rail.

The sidewalk was built in 2012, is 7.8 km long and has an elevation of 120 m. Along the way you will find 16 information boards that will introduce you to the local nature and the history of forestry. The interesting thing about this sidewalk is that you can complete it along its entire length, or divide it into shorter circuits. Part of the sidewalk (2.6 km) leads along a paved asphalt road intended for people with reduced mobility. 

It starts at Bilikova chata, where there is also a bus stop. It is up to you whether you take the route from the entrance gate or from Bilik's cottage. Right behind the entrance gate there is an interactive information and educational board entitled: The forest is not a dump! It has small turntables, which show various garbage that can be found in the woods from tourists. On the other hand, they inform about the time of their decomposition. Let us not forget what we bring to the forest, we must also take it from it.

It should be noted that the pavement markings are quite damaged by the weather, so we recommend that you take a photo of the pavement from the very beginning, which is shown on the first information board at the entrance gate or at Bilik's cottage. There are various branches in the forest and in the meadows, which could lead to a change of route, as the locality also uses forest technology. And so there will be no green mark in sight, orient yourself according to the route in the picture.

Another information board is dedicated to the memorial tree - Jeffrey's pine, which grows to a height of 45 m, the diameter of its trunk reaches dimensions of up to 1.5 m. It occurs mainly in the western part of North America and its interest is the orange scent after breaking the needles. To the left of it, a green sign starts over a bridge over a stream by climbing a forest road to a meadow, where there is a board with information about how the forest is formed and grows. From the meadow, which turns into a ski slope in winter, there is a nice view of the village Zámutov. After entering the forest, a cave awaits you. It is an old wine cellar called "Vihanova dzira", which in the past belonged to Count Klobuštinský and is now inhabited by bats.

The path continues again to the meadow, where there is a lookout tower with an information board Hunting. From the lookout tower there is a panoramic view in a south-westerly direction to the Slanské vrchy and the Menší and Ľubovičný vrch, Svibová, Bučí Laz, Medvedia, Malá Medvedia, Mošník, Dubová, Rokytová and Oblá. Nearby is the top station of the ski lift, from where there are beautiful views of the village.

The route continues through the forest along a narrow path along the ridge to the lookout tower with a northwestern view of Dubník, Ošvarská, Šindľová, Praporec, Zámutovské skaly, Malina, Železná and the highest peak of the Slanské vrchy - Šimonka. Follow the forest road to the stop dedicated to burning charcoal and making potash. The route continues through the forest, which will take you to a place where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Zámutovské rocks. Nearby is the forest railway, where there is a wagon with tree trunks. The route continues across the Zámutovský stream, where there is a fire station and the information board Hrušovský jarok - wood handling. From there, a paved asphalt road leads, which is suitable for bicycles and roller skates. It is lined with information boards about animals, water, the spatial division of the forest, natural conditions and trees. The last panel is dedicated to the Balnica shooting range, which is located near Bilik's cottage. The Zámutovská rail nature trail is also suitable for families with children and offers a lot of useful information. If you are thinking about how to use your free time, be sure to take this educational tour with beautiful places and views.