Kremenec Triangle Point

One of the most visited corners of the easternmost Slovak national park is undoubtedly the Kremenec hill (1210 m above sea level). The Slovak, Polish and Ukrainian borders meet here. So being in three places at once becomes a reality here. Twice. In addition to being in three states at the same time, you are also in three national parks - Poloniny (SK), Bieščadský (PL) and Užanský (UA) National Park.

The starting point for an almost full-day hike is the Information Center of the Poloniny National Park Administration, where there is also a smaller car park. In addition to the information you can get in it, you will find interesting educational panels in its vicinity, from which you will learn e.g. You can also get to know the different wingspan of a stork or an eagle, you can also get to know different species of animals or trees. Behind the building there is also an educational trail Under the Dark Sky.

But let's go back to the road leading to Kremenec. It includes the largest complex of beech forest in Slovakia - Stužica. The UNESCO-listed National Nature Reserve covers an area of approximately 760 hectares. It represents a man-untouched original forest. Thanks to it, you can get back to the times after the ice age. The trees here reach the age of their physical age and live naturally. Beech is the king of this locality and some individuals also remember Maria Theresa. Another widespread tree is fir, which lives for 400 years. They found all our big beasts home here. The location of the forest is accessible to tourists on a marked sidewalk. 

It continues to the granite boundary column. There are several options for continuing this trip. The first is to return to the village along the same route. The second alternative is to "go" to neighbors in Poland for at least Wielka Rawka (MTZ), which provides beautiful panoramic views of all parts of the world. It's really just a piece. Another option is to continue from Kremenec along the ridge to Čierťaž (ČTZ). From there, you can follow the green sign to Poľana to the local pond, where you can refresh in the Zbojský stream, or to barbeque something to eat. Nová Sedlica is only a short distance away on the asphalt road. 

As you are still in a national park, it is important to follow all the rules that apply to visitsuch an area. Ten Commandments of nature lovers will inspire you. 

Coming to the beginning of Slovakia means starting the day about half an hour earlier than in the westernmost village. When the sun rises in Nová Sedlice at 5.00 am, in Záhorská Ves it should be almost 25 minutes later. The same is true when it fits.