Humenský sokol

Humenský sokol is a national nature reserve (NNR), which can be found in the town of Podskalka. The reservation also includes the Dúpna Cave. It consists of a single hall with a floor plan of 20 x 17 meters. You will find in it the so-called giant pots. It is the cavities in the ceiling that are responsible for the action of water. An educational trail with ten graphic signs passes through the reservation. It is 3.5 kilometers long with an elevation of 257 meters. 

The highest point of the reservation is the Červená skala elevation (447 m above sea level), from where it is possible to observe the overall character of the landscape around Humenské vrchy hills, as well as the district town and surrounding villages, as well as Jasenov Castle. It is really a very pleasant stay in nature, within which you can also observe interesting rock formations. 

The starting point for the approximately three-hour hike is the SAD stop - Ptičie, Podskalka Jednota. The last time we were in NNR Humenský sokol, the information boards were damaged and we got a little lost. We, therefore, recommend that you be careful when crossing the route so that the same does not happen to you.