National nature reserve Havešová

The Havešová National Nature Reserve with an area of approximately 170 hectares boasts the tallest beeches in the world. It is accessible to the public only in the company of an employee of the State Nature Protection of the Slovak Republic. In the photo gallery, we therefore offer you a few shots that can be enjoyed when visiting this important site.

It is interesting that some individuals grow to a height of 58 meters. The UNESCO seal that this place received in 2007 is related to its primeval character. This also confirms the numerous occurrence of the so-called dead wood, which benefits many other organisms, such as fungus, mites and insects. And it is this connection that is currently one of the most endangered elements of Europe's forest ecosystems.

A similar composition of the forest in various variations can also be observed in other Polony reserves, which are open to the public, and that is e.g. Stužica, Pľaša or Rožok.

Photo gallery: