Lookout tower near Stropkovpkove

Near Stropkov, a two-storey lookout tower was built in 2018, from which you can see this picturesque town and its wide surroundings. The new attraction is part of the cycle route in the footsteps of Austria-Hungary. Since its commissioning, more and more tourists have been interested in the tower, who often ask about it at the Tourist Information Center in Stropkov. No wonder, as it has made the area around this border site more attractive. You can get to it by bike, but also on foot and on the route to enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside.

The international cycle route In the Footsteps of Austria-Hungary (blue sign) follows the historic route of Jozefínek. It starts in Stropkov and continues on the Slovak side through the pilgrimage site of Buková Hôrka and the villages of Gribov, Kožuchovce, Miroľa and Bodružal, where you can see a wooden church inscribed on the UNESCO List. The route also passes through Krajná Poľana and Nižný Komárnik, on the Polish side through Barwinek, Dukla, Korczyna, Strzyżów to Rzeszów (along the route of today's DK 19 and E371). On the Slovak side, the route is 45 kilometers long, in Poland it measures 99 kilometers.

In addition to the lookout tower, you can also find three gazebos on it. The international route connects Stropkov and Rzeszów with a common history in the former Austria-Hungary, which is also rminded by architectural monuments related to war.

More information at: jozefinka.eu