Čertov kameň rock was supposed to destroy the monastery in the village of Krásny Brod

Čertov kameň is a sandstone rock formation with a carved relief of a devil's head on the Kamjana ridge with a view of the surrounding nature. It is the most famous mountain massif in the Laborecká vrchovina mountains. This place is surrounded by a legend about devils who wanted to destroy the monastery. They rolled a large stone from a nearby mountain and carried it over Kamjana ridge. In the morning they brought the stone near the village of Krásny Brod, but when the rooster cried, they lost their power and the stone fell to its present place. Čertov kameň rock (The Devil's Stone) can be easily reached from the village of Krásny Brod. The starting point is the local house of mourning, near which it is possible to park a car. From there, follow the path uphill. The walk will take you about half an hour. There is also a gazebo with a fireplace on the route, where you can have a snack.