Leisure-educational circuit Bučí laz

The Bučí laz Leisure and Educational circuit is located in the picturesque village of Juskova Voľa in the Vranova nad Topľou district. You can easily get to the entrance to the sidewalk by bus from the district town to the Juskova Voľa bus stop (turn), where you will see tourist information boards with signs.

The Bučí laz circuit was built in 2009 by the municipality of Jukovska Voľa and local Church Residential Outdoor School. It is 4 kilometres long, has an elevation of 78 meters and is marked in red. The route is not difficult, it will take you approximately 1,5 hours and it can be perfectly combined with seating in the woods, as there are many fireplaces with benches. During the walk, you can find 11 information boards on the road, the intentions of which are to offer visitors basics of eco-education and also introduce them to local geographic, natural, historical and cultural attractions.
Panel located at the entrance to the sidewalk, e.g. provides information about the forest railway Čemerné - Juskova Voľa - Zámutov, which was located in this area and was used to wood transport. In the interwar period, it was an important transport road, but in 1939 its operation was terminated. After the Second World War, the forest railway again fulfilled its original mission. With the arrival of automobile truck technology, it definitively ceased to exist in 1957.

Today, the wagon at the beginning of the route reminds us of the railway.  Behind this information board there is a bridge over the stream Lomnica, which will take you to a meadow, where you will connect to the forest road to circuit Bučí laz. The first part of the sidewalk leads along the stream, so you will be accompanied by the noise of the water. After a few meters you will see a well, where there is a place suitable for a short rest. There will be more along the route.

The sidewalk leads to a small meadow, where stands Bednár's cross from 1974. It is located near the original one, which was built there around 1930 by the Bednár brothers before leaving for Canada for work.

After a few minutes you will arrive at Kováč's meadows, where several hiking trails intersect. In these places there are rarely some protected flowers such as. vstavačovec májový and Fuchsov. The Bučí laz circuit continues to the left, where you have to cross a stream over a small wooden bridge, where you will also experience a certain kind of adrenaline. Right behind it is another resting place where you can take a break and then go on a journey through the woods.

Entry begins at the information board Zvernica Rokytová. You are in the territory of the former menagerie, where fallow deer were bred. You continue along the forest path through Slanské vrchy to the valley of Medvedieho potoka, where you will find a small wooden bridge. It will take you to the asphalt road, which will take you back around the Church Residential Outdoor School to the crossroads where you started the route. 

The Bučí laz circuit is also suitable for families with children and provides beautiful views in every season.

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