Kolonica Astronomical Observatory
in the area of the Dark - Sky Park

The Astronomical Observatory on Kolonické sedlo saddle in the Snina district is an outpost of the Vihorlat Observatory in Humenné, which was established in 1986. It is situated in an area with a very low level of light pollution, in the so-called Poloniny Dark sky park.

One of the astronomical instruments in the observatory is the Vihorlat National Telescope - the second largest telescope in Slovakia. There is also a planetarium in the area, where you can watch a virtual night sky or movies. Outside you will find the Mobile Astronomical Rotary Station (M.A.R.S.). It is a device that allows observers of the night sky to get acquainted with it in adjustable chairs. These are mounted on a circular structure that ensures that the device can also rotate.

The astronomical observatory can be found between the villages of Kolonica and Ladomírov. There are several events available for the public, for which it is necessary to book in advance at this link.

In Poloniny, you should also visit the village of Zboj. There you will find a symbolic cemetery of victims of light pollution, which has the task of pointing out its negative consequences. In the immediate vicinity of the information center, there is also a replica of the Kňahyňa meteorite, which landed on the historical area of the village of Zboj more than 150 years ago. You can see a fragment of it in the Vienna Museum.

Two pearls at the end:
Did you know that the patron of the Poloniny Dark Sky Park is the first Slovak cosmonaut Ivan Bella and that the 49th parallel runs through the area of the Poloniny National Park?

Replica of the Kňahyňa meteorite in the village of Zboj
Replica of the Kňahyňa meteorite in the village of Zboj