The educational trail and
the belfry near the village of Hostovice

During the First World War, heavy fights took place near the village of Hostovice in the Snina district. The memento of these historic milestones is the local war cemetery, where 112 soldiers, mostly of the Austro-Hungarian army, are buried. In 2011, members of the Beskydy Military History Club began the reconstruction and restoration of the graves of this war cemetery. Three years later, the first crosses were installed there and the construction of the central monument began. After the completion of the reconstruction, the neglected corner of the municipal cemetery was turned into a dignified fenced place of reverence with installed crosses with the names of soldiers and a monument on a stone pedestal. Volunteers from Slovakia and abroad worked more than 1000 hours in this locality. Another reminder of the war horrors in this village is a wooden six-meter-high bell tower on the hill Skory (814 m above sea level) dedicated to soldiers from Slovakia who fought in the vicinity of the Hostovice village. Thousands of men died there. An educational trail leads to the belfry. It is 13 kilometers long. The route starts at the municipal office in the Hostovice village, leads along a paved forest road, which is lined with information panels. The time it takes for an average tourist to travel this route is about 4 and a half hours. Every year a march is held there, it also includes a reverential act.

In the vicinity of the Hostovice village are also other interesting places that commemorate these unfortunate events, such as the war cemetery in the Stakčín village or the unique Crypt of soldiers from the First World War in the village of Osadné.

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