The Jasenovský hrad castle surrounded by legends

The Jasenovský hrad castle was probably built in the 13th century and is known for several legends. The most famous of them dates from the 16th century and tells the story of counterfeiting coins in this medieval building. Initially, they use valuable, later less valuable metals for mintage. However, it did not end well. The chief master Mikuláš was hanged for this illegal activity in 1551 in Prešov.

The Jasenovský hrad castle was owned by Juraj III. Drugeth, who also owned the manor house in the town of Humenné. He married Katarína Nádasdyová, younger daughter of Alžbeta Báthoryová. This fact, therefore, raises the assumption that Alžbeta Báthoryová, the famous Hungarian countess, could have visited the Jasenovský hrad castle. The castle used to have a guard function, as it was fortified and had several cannon bastions with shooting ranges.

One legend even speaks of a three kilometers long, secret underground passage, which was made for the Drugeth safety. During the surveys, underground passages were found in the castle and the manor house, but they are all buried after a few meters so that the mystery of the secret sidewalks remains undiscovered for the time being.

The Jasenovský hrad castle was most devastated during its existence in 1644, when it was besieged and conquered by Juraj Rákoci. After a later restoration, it began to fall into disrepair in the 19th century. It was declared a national cultural monument in 1963. For about ten years now, the village of Jasenov and the Association for the Rescue of Jasenovský hrad castle have been systematically working on its restoration. Their effort to renovate the caste can be seen not only in the building itself but also in its surroundings. The castle can be reached along the blue and yellow tourist route from the village of Jasenov. The Jasenovský hrad castle offers wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.

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