The Jasenovský hrad castle surrounded by legends

The monastery in the village
of Krásny brod also called
"rusnácky Devín"

Čičva castle also belonged to the Bathory family

The Beskids pantheon

The Mária adit near
the village of Merník

The Árpád line

The educational trail and the belfry in Hostovice

The viaduct in Hanušovce
is a rare technical

The Valaškovský most bridge is a relative of the Eiffel Tower

The war cemetery in Veľkrop

The first liberated
village of Kalinov

The war cemetery in Hodošík

The crypt of soldiers from the World War I. in Osadné

The village of Zemplínske
Hámre is known
for iron ore mining

Brekovský hrad castle with a wine cellar

The Lupkov tunnel

A statue of the Good
Soldier Švejk

Mysterious stone sculpturesat
Čičvian Castle