The wooden church

in the village of Potoky

The Greek Catholic church in the village of Potoky in the Stropkov district was built in 1773 and still dominates it to this day. The temple is dedicated to the holy martyr Paraskeva, who was the daughter of wealthy Christian parents. After their death, she inherited a large fortune and distributed it among the poor. She became a herald of the gospel, so she was accused, imprisoned, and tortured during Diocletian's persecution of Christians. The wooden temple has three parts - a shrine, a nave, and a vestibule. It is characterized by a high main tower and has only four windows. The interior altar dates from the 18th century, as does the rare iconostasis. In front of the church, there is a wooden bell tower with a bell from 1839. The church area is surrounded by a low stone wall, which separates it from the cemetery.

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