The Andy Warhol Museum
of Modern Art in Medzilaborce

Basilica minor
in Vranov nad Topľou

The church in the village
of Nová Kelča

The wooden temples
in the Snina district

The manor house and the archeopark in the village of Hanušovce nad Topľou

Traditions in the village of Zamutov have their meaning

The Manor house and
the open-air museum in Humenné

Mini Open-Air-Museum
in Medzilaborce

Earl Laborec and the temple
in the village of Habura

Medzianky castle ruins
almost fell into oblivion

The manor house
in Snina with more
than 200 years of history

The Underbridge gallery in Humenné

The wooden church
in the village of Potoky

Fascist reprisals
in eastern Slovakia

Church of the Sacred Heart
of Jesus in the village of Trepec

The Anna Lesznai Museum represents significant native

The manor house in Stropkov
is the only remnant of the former
Stropkovský hrad castle