The educational trail in the district of Humenné

Jaskyňa Dúpna cave
Jaskyňa Dúpna cave

Humenský Sokol educational trail

The Humenský Sokol nature trail is located only two kilometers south of the town of Humenné. It passes through the National Nature Reserve of the same name. The route is 3.5 kilometers long. Here you will find a representation of grass and forest plant communities. There is also Jaskyňa Dúpna cave, where six species of bats hibernate during the winter season.

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The educational trail to the Brestov mounds

The prehistoric mounds in the village of Brestov are five thousand years old and were created by human hands. This educational trail leads to the mounds. It begins in the town of Humenné in the area of Poľana housing estate and ends in the village of Brestov. It passes through slightly challenging terrain and it is 10.4 kilometers long and presents historical events and personalities of the region on five information boards. This locality is an important forest place.

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