Shelter huts in the northern part of the Upper Zemplín

Shelter huts in the area of the Upper Zemplín are located in the area around the Medzilaborce town on the border with Poland. "One is located in the Kalinovské sedlo hill, the other near the Laborecký priesmyk pass, and the third is located above the Lupkov tunnel. They are designed for two people, but in case of emergency, more tourists can sleep in them. They are also called wolf huts.

The local Slovak-Polish border is a popular place to rest even in winter. It is especially enjoyed by cross-country skiers, who almost always find permanent snow cover there. In this area can be found four cemeteries from the First World War, located directly on the border above the village Čertižné. In its center, visitors can visit the room of the important Ruthenian national awakener Adolf Ivanovič Dobriansky, who is buried in the local cemetery.

Note: the district of Svidník, which belongs to us only partially (Giraltovce):

  • brick shelter hut in Čierna hora above the town of Svidník,
  • on the border with Poland on the hill Baranie / Stavok

Photo gallery: author Želmíra Sekelová