Go-karts for adrenaline enthusiasts

Your heart will beat faster, the blood in your veins will start to flow faster. You put on your helmet, put on your gloves, and start. Even such experiences can evoke a feeling of happiness in people. However, if you are at the finish line first, these feelings will multiply.

You can check it out on the 800-meter-long go-kart circuit with a go-kart rental in the village of Vechec in the Vranov nad Topľou district. The T1 Ring offers you a great track and a wonderful environment. You can relax in the local buffet, there is a terrace with a pond, as well as a children's playground. For more information, visit: facebook.com

For more information, visit: facebook.com 

Aj v susednom meste Humenné sa chystá niečo pre priaznivcov motokár. Zbystrite preto pozornosť! Už v najbližších dňoch sa môžete tešiť na novovybudovanú trať, na ktorú budete mať výhľad aj z terasy.

For more information, visit: facebook.com

There is also something for go-karts in the neighboring town of Humenné. Even with go-karts, however, one thing must not be forgotten - safety comes first.