The Green Bicycle I. Cycle route

The international cycle route the Green Bicycle (R61) connects three countries - Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine. In Slovakia, it leads only through the Snina district. You will find the first green sign in the village of Ubľa at the border crossing with Ukraine. It continues through the villages of Ladomírov and Kolonica, where you can stop at the Astronomical Observatory on Kolonické sedlo mountain saddle. You are in the Poloniny Dark - Sky Park. This is the area with the lowest light pollution in Slovakia. Then the cycle route leads through the village of Stakčín, where you have to turn right to the Ulič village. Along the way, you can stop at the Beskydy Pantheon. From there you will continue to the village of Jalová. After about 100 meters, turn right. After a slightly more challenging climb, you will reach the ramp. We also went through this part on the e-bike. It was a unique experience, which you can read more about at this link. On a well-preserved asphalt road, you come to Starina - the largest water reservoir in Central Europe, but also the former village of Veľká Poľana, where you can visit the war cemetery.
You continue to the former village of Ruské, where you will find a complex where its natives meet. The last section of the cycle route leads to the Slovak-Polish border point Ruské sedlo. If necessary, you will also find a shelter hut there, where you can hide from bad weather. From Ruské sedlo you can continue to the Polish side to the village of Roztoki Górne, from where you can reach several tourist attractions of the Bieščadský národný park national park. When descending from the Russian saddle back to Starina, care must be taken, as the road surface is rocky and not suitable for less experienced cyclists.

The length of the Green Bicycle cycle route in the Slovak Republic is 51 km. You can also find a map and more information on this link.

We also offer a few tips for a trip: the wooden church in the village of Jalová, the lookout tower near Starina, or TIC in the village of Ubľa.