The history of the Snina town

Interesting moments, historical places, but also monuments of Snina are presented by the cycling route "the history of the Snina town" no. 8905 - yellow sign. This route has nine stops. It begins at the Church of the Exaltation of Holy Cross on John Paul II Square, from where you can get to the monument of the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic in the 1. of may Park. The third stop of the cycle route is the Rhollov family's chapel on the Viničný vrch hill, where there are also eight stops of the Calvary. The other four were removed from the site due to the construction of a railway line. There is also a Jewish cemetery near the chapel.

From there, the route leads along the river Cirocha to the statue of St. Ján Nepomucký, patron saint of ships, sailors, and bridges. You will continue to the classicist manor house with a historic park, which houses a fountain with a statue of Hercules. You can learn more about the modern history of the town at the Orthodox church in the part of Brehy. Specifically, you will get information about the settlement of Snina after the eviction of several villages due to the construction of Starina - the largest drinking water reservoir in Central Europe. The next stops are the military epidemic cemetery from the First World War and the Snina narrow-gauge railway, which is the beginning of the cycle route "Along the Snina narrow-gauge railway" (green sign, number 5884). The end of the route is the pond Mlynisko, which has a name because there used to be a water mill.

The cycle route, which is approximately 10 kilometers long, is undemanding and is therefore also suitable for families with children. You can download the map (source: here.