Topoľa - Ruské

the cycle route number no. 8880 Topoľa - Ruské (yellow sign) is one of the alternative connections between other cycling routes in the area - the Icon cycle route and the Carpathian cycle route. By choosing this cycle route you have the opportunity to bike around the Starina water reservoir. The view from the lookout tower in the near vicinity will give you the feeling of having this reservoir so called "in the palm of your hand".

The cycle route leads along local 3rd class roads and forest roads. It starts in the village of Topoľa and passes through the village itself. In this village, you can visit the Greek Catholic wooden church of St. Archangel Michael from 1780. More information about this unique object and the contacts in case of having an interest in taking the tour can be found on this link.

The route continues towards the village of Runina, in the vicinity of which you will find a waterfall and the pilgrimage site Tri studničky. In front of the village, don't forget to turn left onto a forest path, which will take you to the former village of Ruské. There you will find a well where you can refresh yourself and nearby is the area where the natives of this displaced village meet every year. At the end of it also begins an educational trail that leads to Ruské sedlo, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy interesting views from a small lookout tower. It is also a part of the Carpathian cycle route, which we ride through on e-bikes. We described our experiences here.

The cycle path is approximately 12.5 km long.
You can also find more information and a map at this link.