In the footsteps of Austria-Hungary

The cycle route "In the footsteps of Austria-Hungary" (blue sign) was created on the basis of cooperation between the towns of Stropkov and Rzeszów. It is 144 km long and follows the historic Jozefínka road, which began in Stropkov and continued through the pilgrimage site of Buková Hôrka and the villages of Gribov, Kožuchovce, Miroľa, Bodružal, Krajná Poľana, Nižný Komárnik. On the Polish side, the route leads through Barwinek, Dukla, Korczyna, Strzyżów to Rzeszów. On the cycle path, you will find cultural heritage objects that date back to the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and are connected with the history of troops, the judiciary, and the administration in the border area for example - the cemetery from the First World War in the town of Stropkov, the monastery in the village of Bukovce or several wooden temples. The route also offers the possibility of relaxation in wooden gazebos, which will please families with children or larger groups, who can enrich their active relaxation in nature with pleasant sitting and toasted treats. A sightseeing tower was built above the town of Stropkov as part of this cycle path. The tower offers wonderful views of the town and the surrounding nature. In the winter months, in good weather conditions, the route is also suitable for cross-country skiers. 

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