With an e-bike in the incredibly real Poloniny

An e-bike - a phenomenon of modern times. We were curious, so we had to try it. We went to Poloniny for the weekend, so we booked two e-bikes in the newly opened information center, which is located in the recreational area of Sninské rybníky ponds. It is run by the non-profit organization Aevis. They have several classic bicycles and electric bicycles for rent. However, there is a lot of interest in them, so you need to book them in advance.

At the center, a young man explained to us how an e-bike works. Due to the late departure from Snina, he recommended that we can cycle only the part of the Carpathian cycle route (016 - red sign). From the district town, you can get to the village of Stakčín by the main road, but due to its traffic intensity, we chose to go by train.

From the village of Stakčín, we headed to the village of Ulič and after about four kilometers we arrived at the Beskydy Pantheon, where we learned what famous personalities this region remembers. From there we headed towards the village of Jalová, after about 100 meters we turned right. On a steep hill, on which we "turned on the engine" a bit, we came to a ramp through which only pedestrians and cyclists can pass. You can get through it only with a special permit, as the Starina water reservoir is a source of drinking water and there are defined zones of hygienic protection. After a short rest, we had a pleasant ride on a well-preserved asphalt road. It once led to villages that disappeared from the map of Slovakia because of the construction of a water reservoir.

The route leads along Starina to the crossroads, where we turned right. We needed the help of an e-bike minimally, we enjoyed the meadows, the peaceful and clean environment, and the beautiful surrounding nature. We had the opportunity to see the Veľká Poľana war cemetery, we also saw a turn off to the highest cemetery in Slovakia, which is located on a hill Hodošík (approx. 980 m above sea level).

After a few kilometers, we reached the area of the former village of Ruské, where various social events are still organized. We already had almost emptied the water bottles. Thanks to the locals, who know this area "like their own palm", we got to the well at the crossroads. We relaxed a bit, talked to the guys who went by bike to the Solinské jazerá lakes in Poland and we continued our trip. 

This time we turned left. Here the fairy tale about well-preserved asphalt ends. Shame, not - shame, on the so-called Porta Rusice we helped ourselves with a technical convenience called an engine. We had to get off the bike a few times. We had beautiful views of the surrounding nature. Perhaps the most beautiful was waiting for us almost before the end of the route, at a monument, which is probably dedicated to fallen soldiers. It is impossible to overlook it while driving.

At the Ruské sedlo border point, we climbed a smaller lookout tower, from which the view is because of dense growth limited, but certainly wonderful. The way back was an experience. Thanks to a sufficiently charged bike battery, we handled it.

The total length of the route is about 44 kilometers. You will also find a few boards on it, where you will learn information mainly about the natural attractions in this area. We passed this route section in about 6 hours. This section of the Carpathian cycle route was worth it and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to spend time cycling in the bosom of truly unspoiled nature.

You can also find more information at the: regionpoloniny.sk/cyklistika/

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