The Art cycle route

The Art cycle route, which can be found on the maps under number 2885 (blue mark), is interesting in that it connects two important buildings in the Upper Zemplín. The first is the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, which presents the art of the world-famous king of pop art, and the second is the manor house in Snina with a statue of the legendary Hercules.

We start the route in the town of Snina, which is an imaginary gateway to Poloniny. We continue through the village of Pčoliné, where we can find a monument to the fallen in World War II and through the village of Hostovice. In this village, at the beginning of the summer, you can observe a natural work of art, thousands of Siberian iris plants. The Hostovické lúky Nature Reserve is the locality with the largest occurrence of this legally protected plant in Slovakia. In this village, you also have the opportunity to turn right to the village of Osadné, where you can see the unique Crypt of soldiers from the First World War, which is located under the local Orthodox church.

The route continues through the villages of Nižná Jablonka, Svetlice and Výrava marked by the First World War. The villages of Čabalovce and Ňagov follow until you reach the town of Medzilaborce, which offers the visitors a museum, a small museum near the amphitheater, war cemeteries, temples, and a lookout tower on the Kyčera hill.

The Art cycle path is approximately 46 km long and you can complete it in both directions. It passes along low-traffic 2nd class roads, which are in very good condition and offer wonderful views of this corner of northeastern Slovakia.

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