Cycle route 8836 - Juskova Voľa

The terrain in the Slanské vrchy mountains is ideal for cyclists. The local cycle paths are marked, ranging from the most demanding routes to routes suitable for "weekend visitors". All you have to do is to choose one and admire the beauty of the surrounding forests.The 8836 cycle path, also known as the MTB route, is situated in the cadastre of the village of Juskova Voľa. It is marked by yellow sign and the shortest circuit is about 6.5 km long. The length of the route depends on the cyclist's decision. The circuit crosses several other routes, so you can start on this route, but during it, you can switch to another with a different destination point. The starting point of 8836 is in the village of Vechec located about 5 km from the center of the Vranov town. From Vechec we head towards the village of Juskova Voľa along Lesná Street. We turn to the yellow sign and next to the local playground we go to a pleasant field road outside the village. We go over the Lomnička brook and then turn left. The road takes us into the darkness of the forest. After about 4 km we come to the beginning of the village of Juskova Voľa. Here we can choose where to go next.

There is a cycle route To the wolf's brook, which leads around the village. The yellow-marked Wolf's cycle route leads along the same road. It will take us to the Greek Catholic Youth Center Bárka. We are at a junction where we can decide whether to continue on the route of 8836 (MTB route) or return to the village. We turn left onto the mentioned cycle path 8836, which leads along a paved road. At the tourist signposts, the red trail 023, also known as MTB Alžbeta, joins the yellow sign.

We continue through the valley of the Lomnička brook. The route leads along a forest road. Standing beside the signpost "U troch srncov", we have a choice again. We can continue directly along the red sidewalk 023, which will take us to the village of Zámutov. However, we will turn right and follow route 8836 (yellow sign). The road leads alternately through the forest and forest meadows. After about 25 minutes we reach Kováčove lúky meadows. Several hiking trails cross here again. We turn right towards the village of Jusková Voľa. The road leads around Bučí Laz back to the village, which is the destination of our trip. All we have to do now is to come to the town of Vranov nad Topľou.For those who find this route very short, we recommend to continue at the junction "U troch srncov" on sidewalk 023, which leads us through the forest terrain through the part Pod Oblou to the junction with the yellow tourist path leading from the village of Jusková Voľa. The Zámutov rail educational trail is also connected here. Along this route, we come to the center of the village of Zámutov.

The route number 023, does not end here. It returns to the forest and leads to the village of Rudlov, where it crosses again with other routes. We are no longer attracted to visit the village of Rudlov. So we head along road II. class from the village of Zámutov to Čaklov and further along the main road to the district town. It is possible from the village of Čaklov to bike along a field road next to the wastewater treatment plant to the village of Kručov. Here we connect to the last kilometer of the Vranov cycle route. The longer variant of our route measures about 33 km, the difference between the highest and lowest point of the route is about 220 m. It is not very demanding; even less skilled cyclists can handle it. The routes in the Slanské vrchy mountains offer various possibilities and combinations. Every fan of the sport will enjoy it here.