Traditions in Zámutov have their place

The distinctive village of Zámutov, placed at the foot of Slanské vrchy hills, has always respected its own traditions. At the beginning of summer 2020, they opened the House of Folk Traditions in the village. The Višňov family came up with this idea. The realization of this idea was for them a dream came true.

Anna Višňovská has been sewing traditional costumes for many years. Her hobbies also include collecting various items such as old costumes, lintels, skirts, meticulously embroidered linen tablecloths, knitted blankets to cover the beds, clay jugs, hand-painted enamel pots, buckets, agricultural tools they once had in every farmhouse. Over the years, a large number of exhibits have been collected, so the idea of setting up space where she could brag about this treasure came in handy. Štefan Višňovský is engaged in the production of traditional coats - kikľa, which are part of men's costume. He is also very close to the traditions, as he has been working in the local folklore group Zámutovčan for over 40 years. 

The house of folk traditions is located in a building that the couple bought for this purpose and adapted to fulfill the role of a museum. Here you will find old furniture, fabrics, paintings, and various utensils that were used in the past in the common household. Individual objects were donated to the museum by the locals, "The neighbor offered us old furniture, beautiful black cabinets with relief. carpet or net from the window," Višňovský explained. 

In the yard of the "farm", it is possible to see tools for processing hemp, from which the fabric was woven on the backpacks not only for clothing. There are also agricultural machines and tools that were used to cultivate fields or process crops. 

A visit to the House of Folk Traditions is possible at any time, it is necessary to book it by phone in advance. The Višňov family is already retired, so they are happy to provide visitors with an explanation of the exhibits. The tour evokes nostalgia and strong emotions.

Contact: +421 907 214 223