Snina manor house with more
than 200 years of history

The building of the Snina manor house has a history of more than 200 years. It was built in 1781 by Countess Terézia van Dernáth. From 1799, the town together with the manor house became the property of the Rhollov's family, which also managed to complete its construction. The two-storey manor house has many rooms. It is interesting that it was possible to cross the horse-drawn carriage into the courtyard, namely by a spacious corridor, which is characteristic of the building even today.

In the basement of the manor, there were huge cellars, a large bread oven, and a bathroom. The manor house included French-style gardens and an English park, some of which have survived to this day. Since 2009, the manor house has belonged to the town of Snina and is home to museum exhibitions, a gallery, and the town library.

In addition to thematic exhibitions, you will also find a permanent exhibition Echo of the Snina town (Ozveny Sniny). It is a look back at the history of this town. An interesting object in the courtyard of the manor is certainly a fountain, which includes a restored iron statue of Hercules dating from 1841. A man with a club in his hand, who fights against the Lernean Hydra, is considered by many to be an unwritten symbol of Snina.