The Anna Lesznai Museum
represents an important native

The Anna Lesznai Museum in the village of Nižný Hrušov in the Vranov district presents the life, work, but also the works of this painter, writer, and politician, who lived in the local mansion for 54 years. Anna Lesznai, real name Amália Moscovitz, studied in Budapest and Paris. In her work, she was inspired by the beauties of  the village of Nižný Hrušov and the village of Lesné, after which she chose her artistic name.

In the manufactory she created, women embroidered her Art Nouveau motifs on canvas. She was also a commissioner of the Ministry of Education. She emigrated to the United States in 1939, where she died in 1966. She is buried in Hungary, where she was born.

The museum is located on the premises of an Art Nouveau farmhouse, which is part of the Auction Company's deposit. Her native manor house in Nižný Hrušov is in a considerably damaged and uninhabitable condition.