Earl Laborec and the wooden temple
in the village of Habura

The wooden temple of St. Bishop Mikuláš in the village of Habura in the Medzilaborce district was built in about two years and is supposed to be a memorial to all the natives. The original church in the village was built in the first half of the 16th century and today it stands in Hradec Králové in the Jiráskovy sady town park. The iconostasis is not in the temple, it is probably in various museums or private collections.

Near the temple on the hill stands a statue of Earl Laborec. It is a bronze statue more than five meters high. The Slavic Earl Laborec ruled in the 9th century and after the fall of the Uzhhorod chateau, Hungarian troops persecuted him to the river, where they caught him and executed him. The river was named Laborec in his honor. That's what the legend says.

When the statue was unveiled in 2014, a box of soil from more than 100 Ruthenian villages was placed in the pedestal on which it stands, which is supposed to symbolize the unity of the Ruthenians. The author of the monument is the academic sculptor Ján Ťapák.