Stropkov manor house is the only remnant
of the town castle

Stropkov manor house is the last preserved part of the town castle, which was built in the 15th century by the then owners of the town Perényi family in the Gothic-Renaissance style. However, the boom was not recorded until the period of its other owners - Pete's family. When the castle disappeared at the end of the 18th century, its walls gradually dismantled and became building material. The manor has undergone various modifications. Preserved Renaissance features observed in the so-called. knight's hall. The original Stropkov Castle consisted of an inner and outer castle. The core of the inner castle was a palace, a chapel, a tower, and a courtyard. The preserved chapel and shelter tower still form part of the parish church. The outer castle consisted of fortifications that were protected by cannon bastions and a moat. The current owner of the building is the town of Stropkov. The ground floor and attic of the building are used for museum purposes. In the town center, this defunct building is commemorated every year by the Stropkov Castle Festival.